The 29th PCSI Conference in Helsinki, Abstract submission Deadline: 15/05/2013



The 29th annual Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) Conference
Call for PCSI Workshop Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

Have you thought about running a workshop on case mix? On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the 29th PCSI Conference in Helsinki, we invite you to submit a proposal to conduct a workshop to be held on the opening day (18 September) of this year’s conference. At present, the Local Organizing Committee welcomes and can accommodate 5 workshops in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

Workshops at a PCSI Conference provide participants with an opportunity for more detailed discussion on topics of interest within the conference themes, and generally cover subjects that are too broad to be condensed into one session, paper or formal conference presentation.

Details on submitting a workshop proposal can be found at the conference website
The main topics are:
・Transparency in Health Care
Changes in international financial health across the world and the resulting impact on the health funding have led to an increased focus on transparency. Patient Classification systems such as Casemix are the tools used to provide this analysis and to shine a transparency on health care funding. Key areas of interest include the classification of patient activity and reporting systems.
Key Topics: Patient activity classification, Reporting systems, Benchmarking systems.
・Primary Care
The use of classification systems in primary care for activity and costs remains an important area of development and research. Key topics in this area include the development of the appropriate activity classifications and the need for the international comparability.
Key Topics: Activity classification, Cost Classification, International comparability.
・Cost Accounting
Cost accounting continues to be of central element of heath care funding. The rules surrounding the collection of cost data and the calculation of the cost weights are two areas of research among many.
Key Topics: Categorisation of cost data, Collection of cost data, Calculation of cost weights, Risk Adjustment.
・Structural Reform
Casemix and Classification systems are being used internationally to provide evidence for structural reform in health care. The sharing of this international experience is important as it helps inform countries an organisation grappling with similar reforms.
Key Topics: Use of Casemix systems, Local Experience and International experience.
・Information Systems
Information systems are the lifeblood of all casemix systems used in all areas of health care. Key areas include international comparability, data mining, benchmarking and reporting systems.
Key Topics: Benchmarking, Data Mining, International comparability, Reporting systems, Legacy data systems.
The creation and enhancement of the classifications for the different strata of health care remains an on-going project internationally. Key areas include the use of procedure classifications, diagnosis classification, ambulatory care classifications, non-acute care classification and DRG systems.
Key Topics: Diagnosis Classification, ambulatory care classification, non-acute care classification, procedural classification
・Coding and Data quality
The area of coding is fundamental building block to all classifications systems. Key areas in this area are international coding practices, data quality and Audit tools.
Key Topics: International coding practices, comparability, data quality, audit tools.

29th PCSI Conference
Workshop Proposal Application
Please identify the case mix–related areas addressed:
Case mix general principles
Clinical activity and clinical data: coding, reporting, analysis, utilization, etc.
Case mix costing of services
Case mix payment models
Case mix – related research
Case mix models and/or classification systems: outpatient, inpatient, chronic, acute, rehabilitation, etc.
Case mix systems localization
Case mix training
Other; please specify
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・Nordic Casemix Conference 2012
Themes to be covered:
Pay for performance and quality dimensions in relation to DRG’s.
EuroDRG and other international comparisons.
Costs and data collection.
Case mix and productification in primary care.
・Nordic Casemix Centre
The Nordic Casemix Centre co-ordinates the maintenance, updating and further development of the NordDRG system

RDK – Rikssektionen för DiagnosKodning
Case Mix Conference – Fukuoka
11-14 november 2009


★福岡開催のレポート(必見)★ 1年以上かけて情報収集された日本に関するPDFレポートが9つ置かれています。コスプレイヤーの皆さまとの写真がいいですね。サウナの国ですのでやっぱり?温泉が人気のようです。

För att fördjupa kunskaper om Japan gjordes sex—del-1.pdf





  1. kanrishi

    Notable CASEMIX and Classification Links

    We are providing the information below which we hope will be useful to those in the field of case-mix and classification. We understand that links and resources are continuously changing, therefore please let us know if you have information on your country that you would like included or if something below has changed. The items below are not meant to be 100% exhaustive but rather a place to start. If you have information you would like added, please submit it to us and we will review its applicability for the web-site. Please note that commercial or individual company links should not be submitted.

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Health Care Systems in Transition – Albania
    Ministry of health
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
    Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRGs)
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Austria
    Federal Ministry of Health
    Health – Portal Belgian Government
    Bosnia and Herzegovin
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Bosnia and Herzegovin
    Minist ry of Health
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Bulgaria
    Ministry of Health
    C IHI
    Health Canada
    Health care in Canada
    Statistics Canada
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Croatia
    Ministry of Health
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Cyprus
    Ministry of health
    Czech Republic
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Czech Republic
    Ministry of Health
    Primary health care in the Czech Republic: brief history and current issues
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Estonia
    Estonia Health Insurance Fund
    Estonia: health care reforms
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Estonia
    Health Financing in Estonia: Challenges and Recommendations
    Ministry of Health
    National Statistics
    Nordic Casemix Center
    Statistics of Estonia
    EUROSTAT interactive database
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Finland
    Healthcare in Finland
    Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
    National Institute for Health and Welfare
    Nordic Casemix Center
    Statistics Finland
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – France
    Health in France
    National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Germany
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Greece
    Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity
    Hong Kong
    Department of Health
    Development and Financing of Hong Kong’s Future Health Care
    Healthcare Costing and Cost Management in Hong Kong
    Healthcare in Hungary
    The organisation and functioning of health insurance in hungary
    Nordi c Casemix Center
    Department of Health
    Health in Indonesia
    Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
    Casemix Ireland
    Central Statistics Office Ireland
    Department of Health and Children
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Ireland
    Health Research and Information Division, ESRI
    data-set on health system
    DRG system
    Healthcare in Italy
    Ministry of Health
    Case-m ix payment in Japanese medical care
    Health care system in Japan
    Ministry of Health. Labour and Welfare
    Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Latvia
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Lithuania
    Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
    Statistics Lithuania
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Macedonia
    Ministry of Health
    Casemix Solutions
    Healthcare in Malaysia
    Ministry of Health
    UNU-IIGH Casemix Online
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Malta
    Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care
    Historical path of Mongolia’s health care system
    Ministry of Health
    Mongolia: Promoting Sustainable Financing and Universal Coverage through Social Health Insurance
    Ministry of Health
    DBC Onderhoud
    New Zealand
    Health care in New Zealand
    Ministry of Health
    Statistics New Zealand
    DRG I Norge
    Ministry of Health and Care Services
    Nordi c Casemix Center
    No rwegian Board of Health Supervision
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Poland
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Portugal
    Health in Portugal
    Ministry of Health
    Statistics Portugal
    C osts and Financing
    Healthcare in Singapore
    Ministry of Health
    -> Health Care Systems in Transition – Slovenia
    Healthcare in Slovenia
    Ministry of Health
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Spain
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – Sweden
    Healthcare in Sweden
    How are you Sweden? (Health statistics)
    Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
    Nordic Casemix Center
    Quality and Efficiency in Swedish Health Care 2010
    Statistics Sweden
    APDRG Suisse
    Association of the Swiss Sickness Funds
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Switzerland
    Healthcare in Switzerland
    Swiss association of hospitals
    Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Public Health
    Swiss Federal Statistical Office
    Swiss medical association
    Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund
    Swiss nursing association
    Learning from Thailand’s health reforms
    Ministry of Public Health
    Universal Health Care Coverage Through Pluralistic Approaches: Experience from Thailand
    The Netherlands
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – The Netherlands
    Health Care Systems in Transition – Ukraine
    United Kingdom
    Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe – United Kingdom
    Healthcare in England
    National Health Service
    National Health Service Scotland
    Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    Health Care Financing Administration
    Health Care in the United States
    National Center for Health Statistics
    ICD-11 Revision (Beta version)
    WHO-FIC (Family of Classifications)

  2. kanrishi
    After many discussions about the value of a collaborative association, including meetings in Paris in 1984 and Dublin in 1986, Patient Classifications Systems Europe (PCSE) was initially founded in 1987 in Lisbon. The organization created a network of researchers and users of the case mix concept from health administration, government agencies, and academia. From an initial focus on Diagnosis Related Group (DRGs), the association’s goals have expanded to include a broader interest in clustering and grouping techniques of clinical and administrative data for health care management and financing. The association has stimulated the use and refinement of the science of “grouping patients” within different levels of the health system.
    Expansion of the organization throughout the world brought a name change from PCSE to Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI). It is the only worldwide organization addressing case-mix issues. In the last years the annual international conference has brought together a growing number of active participants from all over the world. From a group of six “idealists” from Western Europe and the United States, the organization has now grown to hundreds of members from 5 continents. The organization puts on one annual conference and offers educational opportunities through our summer and winter School programs.


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