Health 2.0’s First Ever Professional Conference for Designers and Developers! / Select New York’s Winning Patient Portal!

投票実施中。昨晩までTOPだった「Mana Health」ですが、重要項目は数字大きめで見易いですね。私はこれに投票しました。今日はVIP Patientsが逆転して1位のようです。どちらも優れてます。投票サイトはこちら




Health 2.0’s First Ever Professional Conference for Designers and Developers!
It is the prime-time to join the health tech revolution; the health IT market is booming! Health:Refactored will give developers and designers the tools they need to understand and succeed in health care. In addition to hearing industry experts Brian Sivak, Sean Nolan, Esther Dyson, and more, Health:Refactored will offer a range of opportunities such as API workshops, solving stations, and open mic soapbox sessions.

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Select New York’s Winning Patient Portal!

Public Voting Period: April 13-23, 2013
NYC Demo Day: April 30, 2013, 3-7pm
Buffalo Demo Day: May 2, 2013, 3-7pm
Winners Announced: May 6, 2013

The New York eHealth Collaborative is inviting the public to select a Patient Portal for New Yorkers! You can vote for the best portal from April 13-23, 2013. The top finalists will then showcase their prototypes at two ‘Demo Days’ that will take place in NYC (April 30) and Buffalo (May 2nd) that will include live presentations, 200 attendees and a panel of expert judges.


Vote Below! | NYC Voting


New York eHealth Collaborative




Home – The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Welcome to the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. The health industry is undergoing rapid and historic change that is fundamentally altering the way in which we finance, deliver and consume health care. Health 2.0 is playing an important role in driving this revolutionary process through our groundbreaking innovation work.

On this site you’ll be able to find everything you need to learn more about our innovation competitions, code-a-thons events, community building program and commercialization efforts. Please join us for this historic journey and become part of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Community.

$4,077,750 IN TOTAL PRIZES

Challenges & Events

Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge
Submission Deadline: April 11, 2013
Total Prizes: $25,000

PCORI Patient-Researcher Matching Challenge
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2013
Total Prizes: $50,000

Mobilizing Data for Pressure Ulcer Prevention Challenge
Submission Deadline: April 29, 2013
Total Prizes: $80,000

Innovate Health Tech NYC
Submission Deadline: May 2, 2013
Dates: Demo Day July 10, 2013
Total Prizes: $50,000

PILOT Health Tech NYC
Submission Deadline: May 27, 2013
Total Prizes: $1,000,000



  1. kanrishi

    Finalists in N.Y. patient-portal competition named

    By Crain’s New York Business
    Posted: May 1, 2013 – 10:45 am ET
    Tags: Electronic Health Records (EHR), Information Technology, New York

    New Yorkers yesterday got to test-drive the designs of nine companies that entered the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge sponsored by the New York eHealth Collaborative, in partnership with Health 2.0.

    The nine entries were prototypes of a statewide patient portal, a website for New Yorkers to use to access their medical records online. The award winner will be named May 13. NYeC will work with a vendor to build the portal and run it on behalf of the state of New York via its health information exchange network. NYeC estimates that by the first quarter of 2014 tens of thousands of patients may be using the system.

    Yesterday, the nine finalists presented a five-minute demo of their portal to a panel of judges in Manhattan. The nine finalist companies are Amis, ChARM EHR, ClarityHealthJournal, GenR Media, iHealthNY, Mana Health, MyHealthProfile, OmniMD and VIP Patients. Video demos of their products are online here.

  2. kanrishi

    NYeC PHR design winners to shape public portal
    May 16, 2013 | Anthony Brino, Associate Editor

    The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) has announced the winners of its personal health record portal challenge, with the designs in turn expected to inform the PHR NYeC is going to offer all New Yorkers in 2014.

    A Brooklyn-based health data and design startup called Mana Health won first prize and $15,000 for it’s PHR, followed by the NYC software company Applied Informatics’ iHealthNY PHR (awarded $7,500) and the Clifton, NJ-based public health software company RDE Systems’ MyHealthProfile (awarded $2,500).

    ManaHealth PHR’s main dashboard features four tabs on the left side of the screen that control the main page. One tab for vitals can show, among other health data, heart rate, blood type, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose. Another tab lets patients manage information sharing consents with different providers, another shows a provider access timeline and another facilitates secure patient-doctor email.

    The iHealthNY and MyHealthProfile PHRs feature similar functions, in formats for both mobile and standard computer screens.

    NYeC, a publicly-funded nonprofit that manages the Statewide Health Information Network of New York, issued the PHR design challenge earlier this year, asked New Yorkers to vote for their favorites and then took the nine finalists to two panels of medical and IT professionals to vote on the top three.

    “One of the most important achievements of the Challenge is that it engaged New Yorkers in this crucial discussion,” David Whitlinger, NYeC executive director, said in a media release. “The portal is about making a patient’s data freely accessible to them so they can manage their own healthcare. It’s about bringing power to the people of New York.”

    NYeC is now looking for an organization (or individual developer) to build a patient portal, incorporating designs from the challenge winners. The PHR will be open to all 19.5 million New Yorkers and will be connected to the State Health Information Network, which connects 11 regional information organizations.

    NYeC specified several requirements for the PHR’s functionality and architecture in a recently-issued request for proposals. It has to be a “skinnable” system that lets any provider organization implement the portal and personalize it with minimal configuration and its content must be easily translated into multiple languages.

    The portal also has to be open to integration with outside systems and accessible on multiple devices (like smartphones and tablets, in addition to standard computers). It has to be a module-based system that allows certain elements to be removed or added, and it has to meet 2014 meaningful use certification standards for the “view, download and transmit” objectives.

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    Indian Health Service creates PHR system

    Commentary: Tapping NYeC standards for HIE value

  3. ピンバック: NYeC PHR design winners to shape public portal | PHR(Personal Health Record)Workshop


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